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Why do I need a package of care products?

What exactly does a skincare package mean?

A skincare package refers to choosing a complete set of skin care products that together provide more effective results than individual products. Our scientists develop product ingredients or technologies that not only work, but work in concert with other ingredients to provide better product results. The texture of the product, the type of formula, the effect of the product, each of these plays an important role in the skin care process.

Why is it more effective to use a package of products rather than a single product?

For complete skin care products, our formulators explore and understand the complexity of formulas and ingredients through constant research and development. They must consider function, effectiveness and the use of multiple formulations, as well as their impact on the skin. For different skin problems, develop different care products. Follow a complete skincare routine to ensure your skin is properly cleansed, moisturized, and pampered, giving you better skincare results.

Are all steps equally important in a care package?

In short, skin care is divided into five steps, each of which corresponds to products that work together in a specific order to provide better results. When we advertise "wrinkles improvement" and other claims within the scope of Key Time products, we are referring to the clinical test results of our products after full use.

When should I use day and night cream?

Our skin follows a natural pattern. With OUTSIDE ENVIRONMENT BY DAY "AGGRESSOR" WAR, IT IS TO LET SKIN RECOVER FROM THE STATE THAT IS INVADED BY DAY AT NIGHT. The product you use needs to supplement this cycle. For example, day creams are often packed with protective factors to help ward off the outside world, while night creams are more abundant to nourish your skin while you sleep.

What makes the Key of Time products so effective?

We are very proud of our products and what they bring to the skin! For the study of the skin aging process, the Key of Time series of products are tailored to Chinese skin characteristics of anti-aging products, can delay and reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

If you're still wondering whether to go for a complete skin care package, think differently and incorporate the 5 steps into your daily lifestyle. Take a little time each day to care for your skin and create a peaceful moment for yourself.

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