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Experience the fragrance of nature, say goodbye to summer sticky!

Thin, flat hair?

You feel sticky and fresh after sweating like rain?

Skin that gets dry in air conditioning?


These questions make the already hot summer day

More let a person sit and stand hard to settle, agitated unceasingly.


None of this is a problem,

Summer wash and care big battle, Xiao Ou has a brilliant idea!

Choose natural plant extracts that contain nature.

Refresh and protect your skin,

Cool down for summer, cool a summer!


Under the support of high temperature in summer, in addition to easy to oil hair, for the majority of friends with soft hair, it is easy to flat, fragile, hair becomes lifeless, how to do?

Choose the Natural Love Green Bamboo and Apple Shampoo, specially developed for soft/neutral hair [1], contains both green bamboo and apple [2] to enrich and shape your hair, and say goodbye to the problem of soft hair.


Skin exposed in summer is exposed to multiple external attacks. Hot sun, can not stop the sweat, always affect the summer skin state.

Choose the natural favorite coconut melon body wash, which contains coconut water and cantaloupe double refreshing plant extract [3], to clean the skin while continuously hydrating and moisturizing, leaving the skin moist and smooth. More fresh plant extract aroma, make you fresh and comfortable, summer comfortable!


Although the air conditioning room in summer is cool and comfortable, but the skin can easily become dry and tight. You know, in addition to cooling, air conditioning also dehumidifies. So when air conditioning skin moisturizing is also essential.

Choose the natural and loving lavender moisturizer, which not only contains lavender oil to help soothe the skin and soothe the body and mind, but also contains sunflower seed oil, avocado butter and other natural moisturizing plants to replenish the moisture lost by the skin, relieve dry and rough skin, and deeply nourish the skin with the romantic lavender aroma!

More skin problems?

We all have solutions!

The summer is bright,

Let the skin and nature closer!

[1] The hair is neither greasy nor dry, with moderate oil and water

[2] Apple fruit extract, dragon head bamboo shoot extract

[3] Coconut water, melon juice

[4] Extract of mother chrysanthemum

[5] Panthenol/ascorbate palmitate/Tocopherol (vitamin E)/Tocopherol acetate

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